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Aztecs Futbol Club is a soccer development institution, we are aware that soccer evolves from generation to generation and we know that training is not the same as it was in the past. Our goal at Aztecs Futbol Club is to train, coach, nurture, and develop smart soccer players with the latest training and best practices of the leading clubs in the world to implement: physical, emotional, and philosophical training of all of our players.

We implement high intensity skill development with our younger Aztecs academy players, and progress them into a style of play, and the tactics of the game to have a club structure in the development of players. At Aztecs Futbol Club we know that soccer is a game where sportsmanship, respect, character, and discipline are a top priority, not only for the players, but for parents, coaches, and administrators of the club as well.

It is our goal at Aztecs Futbol Club to develop all of our players and nurture them with soccer: skills, ethics, and morals at the highest levels while growing and playing with the club. We welcome committed soccer players who want to play at their highest level of soccer and who are also ready to train hard on the field. It is also a priority to get our players involved in the community and school programs in order to become leaders and to help them feel better and become better persons.

Aztecs Futbol Club’s vision is to develop and retain our players in order to become a bigger and stronger club. Our path to achieve this goal is as follows:

• Bring or develop coaches who have the same goal in developing players while visualizing and prioritizing the club’s short and long-term plans.

• Select the best players in their position to form a team for each age bracket. Coaches from the select teams will have priority through the selection process of all players: tryouts and including new and transferred players.

• Players who are selected by the coach of the select teams are not forced but encouraged to play with that team, but they can choose to play in another team, it is the parents/players decision.

• All new and transferred players will be placed in a team at their age bracket but they are encouraged to play one year up if the coaching staff sees they have the strength and the drive to do so.

• The club will oversee the process to identify and make recommendations to parents/players to move between the teams of the same age according to their skill level.

• The goal is to bring open-minded players, coaches, and parents for the benefit of the club not the individual teams.

• Teams will be formed in July with the final roster in August 01 of each calendar year and will make the attempt to keep the roster untouched for the season.

It is an Aztecs Futbol Club commitment to form teams to compete at the Presidio SDDA, AAA, AA-A, AA-B, AA-C, AND Recreational teams, we strive to play at the highest levels in each age bracket with an emphasis in the club and not at the coach or team level in order to be successful.

Aztecs Futbol Club is one of the “premier” clubs in San Diego County, all of our coaches have National Licenses with USSOCCER and are well represented by our Coaching Director. Our goal is to develop players who are able to adapt at any style or system of play while playing different positions and formations, as we do not believe in positions specialization at a young age in most cases. All players have the same system of warm up, training and playing, the goal is to develop players who are physically, and mentally strong with a soccer emphasis.

Aztecs Futbol Club has one approach and supports it 100%, we know we are a competitive soccer club but we also know not all players have the same level of play. Our focus is to win at the SDDA competitive level while developing the rest of the teams and players. We provide the same level of training to all players but focus on the development of the late bloomers or new players to bring their level up as soon as possible, in order to raise the players confidence in the game,

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone.
Alejandro Gutierrez (Alex)
President, Aztecs Futbol Club
(619) 392-9392